Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Things to Do

There are still some things that need to get done before the baby arrives...  I am not sure what I am waiting for! lol

I still have to make a scrapbook layout for any visitors to sign.

Well I started this chart at school, when one of my students asked what it was for I told her, but she thought I was joking....  I was not!!  lol

I still have to make my thank you cards for my shower... yes they will be hand stamped by me of course! lol

I worked on McBaby's birth announcements.  I am not stamping the cards, but I will stamp the envelopes :}

I need to work on the Nurse Bait basket- I have the basket and the candy- although the candy seems to have gotten legs and walked away... someone got hungry and it wasn't me lol

I need to get my iPod and put some white noise on it- tomorrow I hope. :}

It was another happy mail day or should I say mail days!!
I got this book one day and this fun frog bath toy the next!  Thanks to my friend Charlotte and family :}

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