Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 36

How far along? 36
Maternity clothes? Sometimes, but I am still fitting in my regular shirts and pants :}
Stretch marks? Nope :}
Sleep: Well apparently the baby thinks that 4 o'clock is a good time to be awake.  I often wake up during that time for no apparent reason.
Best moment this week: I have something in the works that I can't wait to share with everyone- stay tuned. :}

Miss Anything? Not really.  I would like to eat whatever I want, but soon I will be able to. :}
Movement: At the doctors office, the nurse asked if he was moving at least twice per day- as if!  McBaby is a frequent mover :}
Food cravings: Not really- although I did have some hot chocolate as a treat this week!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not anymore :}
Gender: Boy

Labor Signs: None :}
Belly Button in or out? Still in :}
Wedding rings on or off? Still on :}

Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy :}
Looking forward to: Finishing the nursery :}  We still have to buy some essential items before McBaby arrives.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yellow Dot Sale

There was a Yellow Dot sale at Boston Store.  A friend and I went to check it out!
Everything was 70% off!
 I got a few jammies for the future but they are so cute!
Monkey's and My Mom rocks ones :}
Here is a close up of the cute set-
the onesie has hippos on it!!
There is also a star blanket for when he visits my mom who loves stars :}

My mom went shopping and found these adorable Nike onesies!
Plus his first set of Chuck Taylors!!!
A picture book and two frog containers!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Baby Shower

My amazing friend Jenni threw me a baby shower.  She had help with the games from my friends, Phyllis and Jen.  

 Here is the food:
Pickle Roll ups by Jen
Fruit Salad by Gamma
Sausage, cheese, and crackers by my "sister"
Veggies by Phyllis
Salad by Jessica 
Salsa by Dana
Party sub and cake by Jenni and Randi

Here is Jen with her game-we had to come up with book titles or characters.
The first question was name 5 Seuss books :}
Here we are hard at work!
This was the teachers table! 
Some of my sorority sisters. 
My family :} 

 Here we are playing Phyllis' game.
Everyone got a card.  We wrote down a baby question on one side.
Then we passed our cards upside down to our neighbors. 
Then we wrote the answer to our own question.

Some were so very funny!!!
Here are some of the more comical ones:

Q:When does the cord fall off the belly button?  
A: Every time baby poops ands pees!!

Q: How often do you change diapers?
A: Wait for the belly button to fall off

Q: How do you burp a baby?
A:  At least every 2-3 hours.

Q: When do you put the baby to bed?
A: 2 months!!!

Q: How often should you bathe the baby?
A:  8 diapers!

An elephant sleeping bag, a sling, and an angel mom with a baby from my friend Carol.

 My cake:

The quilts my Gamma made for me and baby :}

My Godmother, Karen, folding my tissue paper, upon my request :} 
Frog towel and my presents helper Dana!  Thanks much!!
Even my card from Jenni was frog themed :} 
An Under Armor shirt to match with Randy. 
 Brooke made an "M" for a decoration :}
 My Godmother gave my mom a book:
Good Granny/ Bad Granny book.
It looked pretty funny :}
 Karen also got me this Packer book- my mom took it to her house... lol
 My mom, gamma, Godmother, and me:}
 Looks like mass chaos!!
Here is my gift from my sorority sister Brooke:
lots of clothes and books!

My gifts from my sorority sister and party planner, Jenni:
With the Under Armor Onesie :}

 A baby store threw up in my living room!

 Gifts from my friend Sarah:
Sheet, onesies, books, hats and mittens, and  frog rattles

Gifts from Randi: 

Gifts from my mom:
(the blue one on the end is a 
Babybook update a play on Facebook) 
Here is a closeup of the BabyBook (Facebook)

Gifts from my friend Jen- notice the Dallas Cowboys stuff???? 

From my Godmother, Karen
a swaddle blanket, a very soft monkey and a romper  

Two Swaddlers, a hat, and a book from Amy, the baby's babysitter.

From my sorority sister Dana:
Coupons, mesh teethers, snack holders, a baby tool basket, and a Mickey Mouse book. 

From Jane, another teacher,
matching clothes :} 

From my friend Shelley:
This was a HUGE matching set.

There are Onesies, sleepers, jammies,
pants, hats, and mittens! 

From my former neighbor Diana and her daughter Briana:
A frog diaper pad cover, a book of prayers...
oh and a nice big box of diapers, which I had already taken to the baby's room! 

My sorority sister Nicole:
a picture frame, one of the softest blankets I have ever felt, with frogs
and book. 

My sorority sister and college roommate Kathy:
a book, two bibs, diapers, two frog plates and a doggie sleeper.

 From my oldest friend Chrissy:
a book, a cute monkey outfit, and a frog towel:}

From Faith:
an elephant outfit, diapers & wipes, a Disney book, a carseat toy,
washcloths, and an adorable doggy outfit. 

From my Great Aunt Myrtle,
who's already starting sweets with my little one 
a cupcake, lollypop and chocolate dipped strawberry set of hanging toys

 My sorority sister Jessica:
sleepers, a lift the flap book, socks, and a fuzzy football sleep sack

From my friend Candice:
a remote control mirror!  (Wait what???)
a whole stack of books, 
a neck saver, and a cool carseat cover. 

 From my friend Wendy:
This adorable bunny outfit, complete with a cotton tail on the rear-end with a bunny rattle.
A car outfit complete with matchbox cars.
Some onesies and a pair of shorts.
A very cool Scooby Doo book :}

From my friend and co-host, Jen
Four awesome outfits :} 

From co-host and friend Phyllis:

 From my Gamma:

Two quilts and a record-able book.
She didn't realize that SHE would have to record her voice!

From my aunt Miriam, and cousins Suzanne and Angela:
A car mirror, frog towels, star sheet, 
frog rattles,
and two Eric Carle books.

A gift card from my sorority sister Laura:

Thanks to all my friends and family who were able to celebrate my wonderful baby shower either in person or in spirit :} Your generosity was overwhelming. I can't wait to post photos when McBaby arrives and uses your gifts! Much love from our house tonight :}