Monday, June 11, 2007

A to Z of Randy and Me

Hey everyone!

I started working on my scrapbook for Randy and myself. It is a work in progress, so I will be posting when I work on them, but I have a few to share. I am posting them all now to SCS. If the link doesn't work just type in jenstampingpad on

SCS My gallery

Here is what I have for each letter:
A is for Anniversary May 3rd.
B is for Blessings of a Family
C is for Caring Friends
D is for Dogs
E is for Exciting Events
F is for Football
G is for Guinea Pigs
H is for Home
I is for I Love You
J is for Jennifer
K is for This has been the hardest letter of all!!
L is for Lambeau Field
M is for Movies
N is for Nourishment
O is for Occupation Randy and I are both teachers
P is for Pool
Q is for BBQ
R is for Randy
S is for Stamping and Scrapbooking
T is for Traditions- Things that we do on different occasions
U is for Unforgettable events
V is for Vacations to Door County
W is for Walkie Talkies
X is for Animal Crossing X like the sign. I need to get some clip art with a RR Xing
Y is for Young and Crazy
Z is for Sleeping - both dogs and humans

CJ- tail wagger

Here is a recent picture of CJ. She is so photogenic.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tank- nub wagger

Here is a picture that I took of Tank on our deck.

Reasons I love Tank

Tank is my other dog. He is a Rottweiler. His page is all Stampin' Up! also. I used the Color Coach to choose the color. I wanted to give dimension to the tag, I used More Mustard and a square stamp then I dragged the tag along the Bravo Burgundy ink pad to give a little color around the edges.
Here are his reasons:
1)The way you tolerate CJ.
2)You think you are a lap dog.
3) You play.
4) You protect me.
5) You take up less space than CJ.
6) You are a big scary (looking) dog.
7)You run away from loud noises.
8)You sleep upside down (on his back)
9) The way you show that you are the boss.
10) The way you wait for our Re-Liv cups.

Reasons I Love CJ

Here is a SB page that I made for my dog, CJ all about the reasons that I love her.
They were:
1) I love that you love to snuggle.
2) The way that you beat up Tank.
3) How fearless you are.
4) The way you wait until dad closes the bathroom door before you go on his side of the bed.
5) That when you sleep, you need to be touching us- even dad!
6) It is so cute when you go into "stealth" mode.
7) That you keep going, going, and going. when we are tired of playing.
8) The unconditional love that you have for everything.
9) How you launch yourself to the middle of the pool.
10) That you can climb the pool ladder to get out of the pool.

Here is her webpage:

Cluster Meeting

On the First Tuesday of the each month, I have a Pampered Chef meeting. This month I was so excited to learn so many cool tips and tricks. We have two new members that just joined, I hope they have as much fun as I do. Anyways, we learned two new types of shows, Stone Cold and Investment Cooking. The Stone Cold is all about ice cream. I can't wait to share this one at my next show. The other theme that we learned about was Investment cooking. Where I teach the host how to prepare and then freeze 3 to 5 meals. This is a totally awesome idea and for not a lot of money.

Erin's 21st Birthday

As I am getting everything ready to go out for my friend Erin's birthday, it dawns on me that maybe I should get her a card! DUH!!! Of course I have tons sitting around that I made for fun, now I get to use one. I have a ton of pictures, but I will only be sharing this one.

Laura's Shower

Are you noticing a trend here? I really do enjoy giving these paint cans away. Not so much making them, well cutting out the paper is a bit stressful! But anyways, I went to a shower for my co-worker Laura, who now is over due! This is baby number 3 and it is going to be a girl. Her and her husband already have two boys.
In Laura's gift she got wash cloths, powder, lotion, toothbrush, and ducks. Again I included a candle because it went along with the theme of the can.

Fishy Baby Can

Here is a picture of her gift.Each item inside was labeled with someting. Inside she got two wash cloths, toothbrushm spoons, manicure set, tub toys, a note pad to remind them to write things down and a candle. Not that babies should get candles, but it was the whole ocean theme that I was going for. I know that Sam and the new baby will enjoy it. Sam, the mom, thought it was cute. I am glad that she likes it.

Sam's Shower

Jenni, Mandy, and I went to our Sorority Sister's baby shower. I also made her a fish themed baby paint can. I will post the can next.

Greetings and welcome to Jenstampingpad!

I just want to welcome everyone to my pad!