Friday, November 30, 2012

Last Week in November

We had a visit from my sorority sister and her two children.
They brought these awesome gifts.

I went shopping and got all these clothes for under $30!!!
4 shirts
4 pair of pants
I have tons of shirts, but only a few pants.

We got 2 new guinea pigs.
CJ loves them!

I reversed my phone so we were looking at ourselves!

You must look closely see his long hair in the back.

I am getting ready for some football, Go Cowboys!!!!!!
Thanks to Eva for the clothes :}

Exploring job opportunities at the tire shop while we get 4 new tires on the truck (ouch)
Credit card was expired... lol they were a little mad, but what was I to do?!?!?!?

Oh well, go to school to get a card from my mom.
Took a long time because all the teachers needed to meet you! 

I love love this outfit of course.  It is from my cousin Faith.
The book is so cute- I turned to the page that said
 "Giving a bottle, is like outsourcing"
I had to chuckle a little :}

This is what my night/day looks like to feed the baby.
I am really trying to get a better schedule, like going to bed at 8.
I don't want to wake up my DH before he has to actually get up.
So if I get up at 5, I can be back in bed and asleep before he has to get up for school.
Although one day last week, I slept for 5 straight hours 
(this was before I had to feed the baby every 3 hours)
I turned over in bed and noticed DH was gone- I looked at the clock and it said 7 am, 
I couldn't understand why he was up, I sent him a text asking if he was okay,
told me that he had to fix his hair-
I still didn't understand why he was up so early fixing his hair on
a Saturday, then I realized that it was a weekday lol

The shirt came from my Godmother, Jennifer.

I have a chick on my arm and I can curl a cow with my left arm.

Here are some freebies that I have gotten recently.
The bottle is HUGE!
We used it and it seems that a lot of formula comes out the side of P's mouth. :(
4 packets of wipes
Nectresse- is a sugar sweetener
Airbone- 4 little samples
Big Hunk- it is like nougat taffy
turkey jerky- not a fan of that at all 
Pedia-lax- it is a pro biotic
dove- deodorant great for traveling... well guess I will save that for a while lol