Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Month 11....... how does this happen??????

 A year ago at this time, we were beginning a new school year.  
Things were crossed off our to-do list left and right.  
I had my maternity photo shoot:

Flash forward to today- Peyton hasn't quite mastered the crawling yet, but he can scootch like the best of them!  He scoots very fast around the corner of the couch to get to CJ's crate. lol
However, he can climb up stairs ?!?!?!?!?

He loves to eat :)

He now says "mmmmm" when we give him something he really likes.

He weighs 24 pounds.

He got a barn that makes sounds- pigs oink- horse neigh- sheep baas- cows moo......

his face is priceless when the cow moos... I told him he was from Wisconsin lol

Peyton loves this toy... HOWEVER... the legs don't stay attached- so he plays with them separately.  
It makes sounds and lights up.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Month Ten

Peyton's new thing is to stamp his foot when he wants something.  
He has learned to drink through a straw= me losing my shakes and Icees lol

Standing by himself.  

 We celebrated my gamma's 93rd birthday.

Peyton helping us by feeding the dog.

I got my haircut.

Dinner with Gamma. 

Dadda, what are the Wild?

We got our family photos taken at a place called Bookworm Gardens.

We bought a toy for a friend, well Peyton's Godparents daughter, and he swiped this toy 
off of the play mat !

                                                                                                                           The frog back:

Trying to crawl is such hard work!!!

Dinner at GiGi's on Wednesdays.

First photo month shot which he sitting up :}

Months 1-10

He's not mobile yet, thank goodness :)
He has two teeth.
He can pull himself up from the floor to standing by the couch.
He can pull himself from a seated position to standing in his crib, 
plus he can stand unassisted in his crib for 5 seconds!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Month 9

Month nine started off rough :{  Peyton was waking up during the middle of the night and then getting up really early... not sure what that was all about.

Went for his 9 month check up and NO shots :}  Thank goodness.  

 We went to visit Randy's family and Peyton got to meet Thor.

 Play date with the Pi Kapps- my sorority.

 At our Pampered Chef meeting- trying a little pepper.

Thanks for the Mohawk momma!

Turning 9 months is hard work lol

Bought a piano.  Making some music- Grandma Ann will be so proud :}

Must take care of my two teeth on the bottom!

Eating is such hard work!!

And the dog dish ran away with Peyton.

Besides my car, I love my LeapFrog barn.
He now gets that he has to press Tad (the frog on top) for it to work. 

Nine months!  Wow!! What a journey.

Weight 19.9 pounds
Height: 28.5 inches

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Month Eight

Daddy feeding me peas... I was not a fan lol

Oh the talent!  How tasty are toes??

 Showin' the momma some love :}

What a ham!!! 

My handsome men :}

Smiling boy

Great height for CJ

Our first Diploma Dash. Daddy came in second!!!!!!

We have a tooth!!!!! 

He has a bunch of toys, but always goes for the books :}

Handsome like daddy

Grrrrr.... I left the food a little too close to the high chair lol

I think CJ is going to like this part!  lol

He just loves doggies!! 

We went to a Tom Pease concert :}

My schedule:
Wake up around 8 and eat in my room.
Come downstairs with momma.  Play for a little while while momma eats breakfast and drinks her coffee.
Then I eat cereal and some fruit.
Play for a little while and momma hopes I take a little snooze.

Somewhere between 12-1 I eat lunch- some kind of food and some fruit.  
Snuggles with momma and off to dreamland.

Play for a bit in my car/walker or my jumper. 

Snuggles with momma or perhaps a snack around 4 :}
Eat dinner after momma and daddy eat dinner.

Wash up time with daddy.  Snuggles with momma. 
A little playtime

More snuggles with momma and then kisses and off to bed around 9ish. 

Weight: 19 pounds!!!!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Month Seven

Here begins our seventh month.  
Here are some highlights from month six:

Yeah, I think that I would even wear this as a grown-up- glad I am a
 teacher and could wear this to work lol

Every time he is in his car, I sing "Ridin' along in my automobile" 

 I am ready for my workout in my Under Armor clothing... 
yes my shirt and pants.
Let's go daddy!!

I heard of a monkey on your back,
but what about your rear???

Getting ready for swim class- looking so styling 
with my frog swim cover from my Auntie Jenni.

Such determination... playing video games!?!?!?!

We tried a sippy cup for the first time this month.

I love my car T-H-I-S much :}

We took the car for a spin outside :}

Mr Serious 

We tried out our new highchair.

Sat in the big guy stroller while momma 
planted her lilacs. 

He is not always happy- but the photo before and after this were smiles lol 

Check out my monkey lol

Was a rainy day- so a perfect froggy day!!
Thanks to Faith for the outfit :}

I've had one heck of a day lol
(Shirt appropriately says Crabby but Cute)
Which was very appropriate as it was his 7th month birthday 
and he woke up at 5:15am and stayed up all day,
crying while being held for over an hour :{

The smartest kid ever!!!  Yep, picks up the letter "P" from all the other letters :}

Why does CJ have to help at every photo shoot???

He still loves his jumper-roo and his caterpillar.
He is learning what to do with the other things on there too!
He used to just lay underneath, now he sits in his Bumbo seat.

Swimming classes are over now :(

He can sit up all by himself :}
Well for a while at least lol he still tips over lol

Weight: 16.6 pounds

He loves banananas- this was the first time eating real fresh bananas lol
He hasn't quite got the pick up and put it in your mouth yet

I think CJ is going to love this phase lol