Friday, May 2, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

April in Review

So this really isn't the end of April, but I post (or try to) right after Peyton turns the next month.

What Peyton Loves Right Now:
Walking down the stairs in the morning. This is brand new this week.  It must be because he turned 18 months.

He loves to read.
He loves to dance.  He likes Glee especially.

What I love right now:

When he walks around, he is so proud of himself.  He goes a little ways and giggles and runs back to my arms.

Biggest struggles:

When he doesn't listen.  I understand he is 'all boy' but he causes me to gasp at least once a day.

Exciting Milestones & Physical Changes:

He follows directions surprisingly well.  He helps me pull the curtains shut when it is time for a nap.  He knows if we have to throw away something where to go. 

He can follow directions-  put away the book, sit down

Month Word List

Momma- everything is momma even Randy! He is not amused.  
bye-bye while waving- with one or both hands

Animal sounds

He "barks" woof woof like a big scary dog, not like those ankle biter dogs lol

Body Parts He Can Identify:

nose, hair, feet, ears he touches them at the same time

Things We're Looking Forward To:   

Going for a walk on the beach.  We went for a walk by the beach, but never went to the actual sand.
Plus we got a new stroller that we can plug in our iPhones.

The frog was a present from a student/son of a friend of mine. 

Watching the Notekins on Baby TV. 

Lounging on CJ.

Over seeing CJ's dinner.

My Grandma Jane celebrated her birthday.

 Jumping at Monkey Joe's.

Driving with daddy at Monkey Joe's.


Dump cereal on floor to share with CJ.

Trying out the slide on the deck. 
Although I don't know what he likes more-
climbing up and sliding down or
walking in and out of the house lol
climbs up, slides down, runs into the house
runs out of the house and climbs up...

Running out of the house.

We celebrated Randy's birthday.

The drink station!!!!

Music class.

First walk in the yard.

We celebrated you turning 18 months by giving you a car.

Gymnastics time

Half circle that rocked back and forth.