Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April in Review

Peyton is soooo very close to speaking.  His mouth gets all puckered up and kind of spits.

His new thing is to turn his head side to side very quickly as to say no, but when he stops, he just smiles. :}

Peyton is getting better at rolling over.  He used to just let his head roll him over, now he moves his legs up and then rolls.  He only rolls over from his tummy.

He is learning to rotate in his jumper-roo.

We have only been on one stroller ride as it is still cold here and we have gotten snow after our first ride.

Why yes, I am talking to the heater lol

Daddy asked for an easy outfit-
a shirt and pants with feet!

First try of prunes---

anticlimactic  lol

But with a little help from a friend  

Thanks CJ!

My mom bought him this car-
we told him it wasn't a Buick lol

He really does love it lol

Official Stats:  14 pounds 8.5 oz