Sunday, February 23, 2014

January in Review

Figured out how to do something new lol

I won't stop climbing on everything!

Listening to music with CJ.

Because we can't all smile at the same time lol

Learning to drink from a straw cup.

Licking off the beater. 
Crying not because CJ licked him, 
but that I took away the beater!

Beating on daddy's head lol

Getting our reading minutes in.

Happy guy!

The faces he makes!

Watching a video on the iPhone.

Tiger pose. 

Nothing says Culvers like elbow pads lol

We needed new window treatments. 
We got room darkening curtains.

Stopping for a moment on his turtle.

Another quick nap- 3.2 seconds!

We might have a bit of a problem…

Problem solved!
We put locks/hooks on thanks to my friend Jenni.

Hangin' with momma.

Found a handsome guy at gymnastics!

More reading.

We had a valentine's photo shoot.

Eating with chopsticks.

Love my CJ.

He loves this music/activity table.

When one can't see out of the window,
one must get something to stand on.
(It's an empty hot chocolate canister.)

Checking out the iPhone.

Another week at gymnastics.

My first M'elmo from my Godparents.

Happy baby!