Sunday, June 23, 2013

Month Eight

Daddy feeding me peas... I was not a fan lol

Oh the talent!  How tasty are toes??

 Showin' the momma some love :}

What a ham!!! 

My handsome men :}

Smiling boy

Great height for CJ

Our first Diploma Dash. Daddy came in second!!!!!!

We have a tooth!!!!! 

He has a bunch of toys, but always goes for the books :}

Handsome like daddy

Grrrrr.... I left the food a little too close to the high chair lol

I think CJ is going to like this part!  lol

He just loves doggies!! 

We went to a Tom Pease concert :}

My schedule:
Wake up around 8 and eat in my room.
Come downstairs with momma.  Play for a little while while momma eats breakfast and drinks her coffee.
Then I eat cereal and some fruit.
Play for a little while and momma hopes I take a little snooze.

Somewhere between 12-1 I eat lunch- some kind of food and some fruit.  
Snuggles with momma and off to dreamland.

Play for a bit in my car/walker or my jumper. 

Snuggles with momma or perhaps a snack around 4 :}
Eat dinner after momma and daddy eat dinner.

Wash up time with daddy.  Snuggles with momma. 
A little playtime

More snuggles with momma and then kisses and off to bed around 9ish. 

Weight: 19 pounds!!!!!