Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Blog!!!!!!

I have made a new blog just about cooking!!!

I will be offering a giveaway to one lucky follower!  Make sure that you become a follower and send your friends :)

Offer ends April 30th

Leave a comment on this post for one chance.

Leave a comment on Jenscookingpad blog telling me who you brought.

Leave me a comment and link if you blogged about this giveaway!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blog pets

I  joined the link party about our pets. I love my babies so much I had to post.

First off we have Tank aka Big Scary. He is 8 years old. Nine in June.
 I looked for 10 minutes and never found my slipper that I had been wearing 10 minutes before.  Found it later lol:
 When he gets thirsty and there isn't water lol

 Here we have CJ playing in the snow. She is named after me and my grandmother. She is 6.

Waiting for me to throw the tennis ball.
 Really? Seriously- how can this be comfortable???
 Super dog!!!

Lastly, our puppy Skylar.
She was my picture perfect doggy. She posed for all of the pictures she knew about.  She was only 14 months old when she passed away. It is coming up on one year since her passing. 

We also have two guinea pigs too :)

Holy Buckets!!!!!

Almost a year since I posted on here- I post daily on my teaching blog though! lol

I am still taking a photo of the day though. :)