Friday, January 25, 2013

January Month 3

Well Jan 22nd will begin our third month.

Peyton is such an awesome baby, we truly lucked out!!  First off, usually when you put a newborn in his crib he usually wakes right up, happens all of the time.  Well not for Peyton!  Thank goodness :} I was already prepared for this and thought about putting a heating pad on the mattress to warm up the sheets and move it right before I laid him down, well no need.  Love that child :}

This past month his favorites:

His snuggle bunny swing. He loves it and is in it daily.

He loves his Baby Einstein activity gym.  One day, I was working on my laptop while he was playing. I feel like someone is watching me, sure enough, Peyton was.  So I look at him and he turns away, we go back and forth like this several more times. He is hilarious!

I have also noticed that this child has more clothes than me!  Seriously, I don't think he will wear anything twice!!!  This is a bummer, as there are some very cute clothes.  I take a photo of him everyday :}

He is also getting better at changing clothes, when we play "Where's the baby?" when I have to put things over his head.

Happy 3 month birthday baby P!!

This is another in the monthly photo shoot.  
Don't you just love the jammies?
Dr. Seuss!!!
Thanks to my friend for scoring them!!

Reading books :}

Here are three months in a row-
HUGE change from month 1 to 2.
He is about 12 pounds!  :}
I think he's got the eating thing down!!!

Sorry to end on a sad note, but we had to say goodbye to our protector, Tank.

But for any further reference, P still belongs to Tank.

Well I can't end this post on a very sad note, so here was dinner at GiGi's house.  My mother decided to "feed" P butterhorns. He really liked the frosting of course!!:}

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

December- a month in review

We put up a limited amount of Christmas decorations this year because of all of the baby items in the living room lol

 Here are the swing and bouncy seat
and the pack and play ;}
 Tank is supervising tummy time.
This is what happens when I blow in his face-
he sticks out his tongue and his arms go up! 
This month P turned 2 months old. 
 We went out to celebrate my birthday- 
which I never did get any cake :{
Tank is always a good sport when I put P by him.