Friday, January 25, 2013

January Month 3

Well Jan 22nd will begin our third month.

Peyton is such an awesome baby, we truly lucked out!!  First off, usually when you put a newborn in his crib he usually wakes right up, happens all of the time.  Well not for Peyton!  Thank goodness :} I was already prepared for this and thought about putting a heating pad on the mattress to warm up the sheets and move it right before I laid him down, well no need.  Love that child :}

This past month his favorites:

His snuggle bunny swing. He loves it and is in it daily.

He loves his Baby Einstein activity gym.  One day, I was working on my laptop while he was playing. I feel like someone is watching me, sure enough, Peyton was.  So I look at him and he turns away, we go back and forth like this several more times. He is hilarious!

I have also noticed that this child has more clothes than me!  Seriously, I don't think he will wear anything twice!!!  This is a bummer, as there are some very cute clothes.  I take a photo of him everyday :}

He is also getting better at changing clothes, when we play "Where's the baby?" when I have to put things over his head.

Happy 3 month birthday baby P!!

This is another in the monthly photo shoot.  
Don't you just love the jammies?
Dr. Seuss!!!
Thanks to my friend for scoring them!!

Reading books :}

Here are three months in a row-
HUGE change from month 1 to 2.
He is about 12 pounds!  :}
I think he's got the eating thing down!!!

Sorry to end on a sad note, but we had to say goodbye to our protector, Tank.

But for any further reference, P still belongs to Tank.

Well I can't end this post on a very sad note, so here was dinner at GiGi's house.  My mother decided to "feed" P butterhorns. He really liked the frosting of course!!:}

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