Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Basket

Last Easter: 

But this year, it's a whole new thing. He's still easy going, but I don't want to fill his basket with a bunch of candy.  I haven't bought him any candy so far. 

I also plan on making him some crayons if two things happen- one I can find my bin of old crayons and two, I can find molds to make them.  I have been unsuccessful at finding the ones I want locally. (well I found a mold.... now I still have to find the crayons lol)

Fishing pole and fish! 

Bath book and regular book :)

Markers and letters and numbers:

Yes there are doubles- duh different sizes :)

Bath toys

Sunglasses and board.

Muppet Socks!!!!!!!
I need matching sets!

Toy Story socks.

Mustache socks.

Monster Inc socks

Faucet cover

Art supplies from the Easter basket from Randy.

Textured balls. 
While writing this post, Peyton crawls on my lap and 
sees the photo and says "Ball"

Glow in the dark balls

Wearing my shades

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend

Trying out the new swing set!
It has two slides, two swings and a steering wheel!

Easter basket #2

Fishing time!

Watching The Notekins on Baby First Tv
and my new Adirondack chair.

Easter Basket #3 from Daddy. 

Looking handsome in my Easter suit.

Easter Lunch with the family.

I can read with my eyes shut lol

Easter Basket #4

Of course my mother and I would buy the same things lol
we both bought a light up ball and sun glasses lol

Chillin with my home girl

Matching Spider-Man cups with daddy.

Thanks for your help there lol

Monday, April 7, 2014

March 2014 in review

I know a photo is worth a 1,000 words, but they really only tell you some of the story.

What Peyton Loves Right Now:
Still loves reading books.
His Fridge DJ- he carries it around with him everywhere- even the dog crate!
His iPad
He loves to brush his teeth.

What I love right now:
Peyton gets really close, puts his hands on my cheeks and just stares at me.  Love him more than words can express.

Biggest struggles:
His anger is really starting to show.  When he gets frustrated, he just screams!  Whether it is a new task or one that he has already accomplished, if he struggles, he gets mad!

Exciting Milestones & Physical Changes:
We got another tooth- an eye tooth! So that makes  four top teeth, plus two molars and the poking out of the eye teeth.   We have four teeth in front and two molars on the bottom.

Month Word List

Momma- everything is momma even Randy! He is not amused.  
bye-bye while waving- with one or both hands

Body Parts He Can Identify:
nose, hair, feet

Things We're Looking Forward To:   

Going outside!  It is finally above freezing- literally.  We have had off several days from school due to freezing cold temps!  We have a cozy coupe and a tricycle for him to try.  We also bought a swing set with a slide. No joke- it snowed here April 1st!!!!!! YUCK!!!!!!

Trying a cupcake!!!

 We celebrated the Very Hungry Caterpillar Day.  It's the first day of Spring.
It was cold!!!!! 

 His fabulous shirt is from his godmother.
He has caterpillar socks too!

He has awesome faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to hold on  to a toddler!  :)

Gymnastics- we may get through the tunnel one day :)

Trying a new pouch!

My gamma is loving this!!!!

Two drinks in one hand  lol

Stay tuned for our month of Seuss.  We dressed up everyday in March to celebrate a different Dr. Seuss book.