Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

February in Review

We hosted a Puppy Bowl party. 
This was the penalty flag lol

We still haven't figured out this whole table yet lol

More gymnastics time. We go Wednesday mornings.

Watching American Idol.

Another photo from our photo shoot.

Loving CJ.

Split second nap.

He spends time IN the crate lol
Skylar broke off the door, 
so he just hangs out with CJ. 

What happens when your toddler walks on your computer.

Crib is by the light switch and door.
Equals- a baby who turns on the light way too early 
in the morning!!!  


Move bed away from light switch.
By the way, he is crying because I 
put him in his crib to take this photo-
Not because I moved the bed lol

He brushes his teeth after each meal.

Yes, I am that Pinterest momma!!

I made these Valentine's for the children in
Peyton's music class.

Valentine's Party
First tractor ride.

Peeking out the window.

Still not using the table correctly lol

Must have all "chips" in my hand!!!

My cousin Jett was born at 28 weeks.
He is on the left, I'm on the right.

Follow his journey

I gave him 1/4 of a graham cracker 
instead of small pieces 

Gymnastics again!

Getting our drum skills on the iPad.

Peaceful slumber

This game is called:
Empty all of the toys out of the table lol
I do not like this game!

February 22- 

Daddy came to music class with us.

Very first corn dog. Yummy!

Loved rolling the cylinder backwards and forwards!!!!

Reenacting the piano scene from the movie Big!
Both Peyton and the dog loved it!


The faces he makes, crack us all up!!!

He might have a shoe problem.
However, my sorority sister has a "tub" full and her daughter isn't born yet lol

Stay tuned for some videos :)