Monday, June 22, 2009

June 20th

We had a family reunion this past Saturday and Wendy made this adorable mouse on the sausage and cheese tray.

June 13th

Randy got to stand up in his friend's wedding. He looked so handsome!

June 6th

I had a coupon for HL and got two scrapbooks and some clear stamps. I love love love Stampin' Up! stamps. I will keep working on the clear stamps -I can't get a great print off yet.

May 27th

So this is a Pampered Chef Fruited Rice recipe. The first time I made this, I could have sworn that it called for chicken so I thawed out some chicken. When I went to make it, I found no chicken in the recipe. Well I used the same spices and then added the rice altogether. It is a yummy yummy recipe!!!