Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rock Band Date Night

Each month we have date night. We go to another couple's house; we eat dinner and usually play some sort of game. In December, it was our turn to host, I made some yummy snacks and our entertainment was to play Rock Band. This photo was from our second time playing together. We get better each time we get together, although the drums get a little hard at times. Just as a reminder, Tank does not like it when you beat up the chair when you get mad at Rock Band. Prior to beating up the chair, my niece did score a 100% on one of her songs.

Rock Band

If you know me at all, you know that I don't really like video games. I try; I really do, but oh well. They came out with this new game called Rock Band. It is for four members- guitar, drums, bass, and vocals. I only sing, so everyone has to play an instrument! There are different levels of ability- easy, medium, hard, and expert. On the instruments, the harder the difficulty- the faster the notes move and the amount and frequency the notes come. Vocally you must hit the notes closer in tune. I have gotten several 100% on different songs. I had been just writing the titles down, but now I take pictures to scrapbook- DUH!!!

Wii Bowling

If you have not ever tried the Wii, you really should. On Wii Sports you get bowling, tennis, baseball, and boxing. I am really good at tennis, so no one ever wants to play me. Randy is pretty good at bowling, but this particular time, I got the best of him.

Friday, January 11, 2008

NSSS Sarah

Here are different gifts that I got from my lastest NSSS pal. I got an altered notebook tin, a cool post-it holder, and a cool card. I wasn't really into altering anything, but these cool items have changed my mind!
Thank you!!!

Gifts from my NSSS

One of my email rings does a Not So Secret Sisters exchange. This is what I got:

An altered pencil case, a snowman shaker tin, and the snowman in the bag is a voltive candle holder. Way cool!!! Thanks so much, my NSSS.

Thanksgiving 2007

Here are the placecards and Thanksgiving cards I made this year.

Christmas 2007

Here is our Christmas tree this year. Last year's tree was knocked over by Tank.

Cookie Exchange 2007

Here are who was able to attend the cookie exchange.

Here is the winner of Best Display.