Friday, August 23, 2013

Month Ten

Peyton's new thing is to stamp his foot when he wants something.  
He has learned to drink through a straw= me losing my shakes and Icees lol

Standing by himself.  

 We celebrated my gamma's 93rd birthday.

Peyton helping us by feeding the dog.

I got my haircut.

Dinner with Gamma. 

Dadda, what are the Wild?

We got our family photos taken at a place called Bookworm Gardens.

We bought a toy for a friend, well Peyton's Godparents daughter, and he swiped this toy 
off of the play mat !

                                                                                                                           The frog back:

Trying to crawl is such hard work!!!

Dinner at GiGi's on Wednesdays.

First photo month shot which he sitting up :}

Months 1-10

He's not mobile yet, thank goodness :)
He has two teeth.
He can pull himself up from the floor to standing by the couch.
He can pull himself from a seated position to standing in his crib, 
plus he can stand unassisted in his crib for 5 seconds!