Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Month 11....... how does this happen??????

 A year ago at this time, we were beginning a new school year.  
Things were crossed off our to-do list left and right.  
I had my maternity photo shoot:

Flash forward to today- Peyton hasn't quite mastered the crawling yet, but he can scootch like the best of them!  He scoots very fast around the corner of the couch to get to CJ's crate. lol
However, he can climb up stairs ?!?!?!?!?

He loves to eat :)

He now says "mmmmm" when we give him something he really likes.

He weighs 24 pounds.

He got a barn that makes sounds- pigs oink- horse neigh- sheep baas- cows moo......

his face is priceless when the cow moos... I told him he was from Wisconsin lol

Peyton loves this toy... HOWEVER... the legs don't stay attached- so he plays with them separately.  
It makes sounds and lights up.

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