Monday, June 11, 2007

A to Z of Randy and Me

Hey everyone!

I started working on my scrapbook for Randy and myself. It is a work in progress, so I will be posting when I work on them, but I have a few to share. I am posting them all now to SCS. If the link doesn't work just type in jenstampingpad on

SCS My gallery

Here is what I have for each letter:
A is for Anniversary May 3rd.
B is for Blessings of a Family
C is for Caring Friends
D is for Dogs
E is for Exciting Events
F is for Football
G is for Guinea Pigs
H is for Home
I is for I Love You
J is for Jennifer
K is for This has been the hardest letter of all!!
L is for Lambeau Field
M is for Movies
N is for Nourishment
O is for Occupation Randy and I are both teachers
P is for Pool
Q is for BBQ
R is for Randy
S is for Stamping and Scrapbooking
T is for Traditions- Things that we do on different occasions
U is for Unforgettable events
V is for Vacations to Door County
W is for Walkie Talkies
X is for Animal Crossing X like the sign. I need to get some clip art with a RR Xing
Y is for Young and Crazy
Z is for Sleeping - both dogs and humans

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