Sunday, June 10, 2007

Reasons I Love CJ

Here is a SB page that I made for my dog, CJ all about the reasons that I love her.
They were:
1) I love that you love to snuggle.
2) The way that you beat up Tank.
3) How fearless you are.
4) The way you wait until dad closes the bathroom door before you go on his side of the bed.
5) That when you sleep, you need to be touching us- even dad!
6) It is so cute when you go into "stealth" mode.
7) That you keep going, going, and going. when we are tired of playing.
8) The unconditional love that you have for everything.
9) How you launch yourself to the middle of the pool.
10) That you can climb the pool ladder to get out of the pool.

Here is her webpage:

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