Friday, October 19, 2012

Shopping at home

So in case you have joined my life more recently, you might not know that I have wanted to be a mom forever.  I went to my mom's house to see if there were any baby related things there, namely the very first baby related item DH ever bought me- it was a frog carseat cover.  I had him search our own home first with no luck.  So I headed over to my mother's house.  Well there I found two huge boxes, over 3 feet tall, full of baby items.  I even found a receipt from 1994!!!!!  Everything that was in those boxes were still in the box!!!

Thankfully I did find the frog carseat cover, but I brought home some other treasures as well.

I found a calendar for McBaby's first year.  I am not sure that the stickers will still stick, but I'll glue them on if all else fails!  It doesn't have months or numbers on each of the pages just empty boxes.

A photo frame that says I get my good looks from my mommy!

Two stuffed animals, a fitted sheet, a abc blanket, some sort of toy, a huge container with toiletries, and a bath bag with frogs- inside there was a towel, washcloth, toy and a finger puppet. :}

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