Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hospital Bag(s) and laundry

I have been reading a bunch of blogs lately about what to bring and what not to bring.

Labor Bag~

Chart with names of people who need to sign the scrapbook page.
iPhone charger
toiletries-  they are in the frog bag :}

Post labor bag~
under clothes- I know you don't want to know about those lol
snacks (these are not pictured, because the dogs would eat them lol)
PJ's- bought several from a friend for such a steal! One is a two piece and the other is a three piece :}
several easy outfits for me ( I have no idea what this will be yet- my guess are my jammy tops and black yoga pants)
flip flops
pillow (well this is still on my bed lol)
no slip socks
Pink froggy robe

Candy Basket for the nurses who will have to put up with all of the photos being taken!

Diaper bag (Cat in the Hat) and going home~
I have picked out McBaby's outfit already- of course it has frogs on it :}
(I have now figured out that the outfit I was going to use, and is pictured, will NOT work for a go home outfit.  It is a sleeper and to go home, McBaby will have to have legs in his outfit to work around his car seat.  I have asked everyone to be on the lookout for one.  I am bummed that the outfit I picked was perfect- it included an outfit, a hat, and a blanket.  He will still get to wear it in the hospital, so that works for me!)
1-2 other outfits- I don't know how long we are going to stay.
hat- 2 (yes they both have frogs on them)
Socks- 2 with frogs too!
His car seat, thanks Dad, all set!  (Been in the truck for a while :})

I am not really packing anything for Randy as we live like 5 minutes from the hospital. If he needs something he will just go home and get it- no big deal.  Plus the dogs still need to be fed and let out.  Okay so CJ needs those things, Tank will not eat and hold it until I get home!  lol He is a momma's boy through and through :}

So this week, I have been doing laundry for the baby and I have started to sort it out.

This picture was taken only after the first load of laundry.  It is sorted by age.  I am still doing laundry as I type this the night before the post will be published.  As a side note~  the dresser drawers are from my grandpa's bathroom from our old house in Door County. :}

Oh and yes I know it is early :}  Anything else I should bring along? I'd love to hear it :}

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