Friday, April 5, 2013

NorthWood Candle Company

I was given the opportunity to sample some candles, I couldn't pass that up!  I have never heard of the NorthWood Candle Company before, so I did some investigating.

(Apparently, someone else thought they smelled good too!
You can see CJ's nose off to the left.)

When I got the box, I glanced at the return address and low and behold it came from Eden Prairie Minnesota.  Someone in my house will be very happy with that!

I made contact with the NorthWood Candle Company and was informed that I could pick a few scents out that I might want to try, although they couldn't guarantee that I would get them all. So I found their fragrance descriptions page.  I absolutely love their descriptions!!

When I opened the box, it smelled awesome!  Sometimes, you go into candle stores and it smells weird with all of them blending together, but not these. I got... wait for it....  NINE different tea lights, one large candle, and a room spray.  Wait, I didn't know they had room sprays!

Tea lights I received:

Butterfly Hugs- a very delicate smell- fills my living room very nicely.  This would be a good scent for the baby's room.  :} This scent lasted for two days. I loved the scent so much, I didn't want to burn another candle yet lol
Teakwood & Cardamom- this would be so good in a woodsy home
Fresh Cut Grass- smells exactly what freshly cut grass smells like!
Coco Mango- smelled good while burning- a very light smell
Monkey Farts- (yeah I can't make up names like that!) a close second
Both Frosted Pinecones and Cracklin' Birch would be perfect for the winter months.
Cotton Candy- smelled good without the calories!
Cracklin' Birch- another great one for the log cabin :}
Hot Baked Apple Pie-  no calories here either!

The large candle was Icicles and the room spray was Aloe and White Lilac.  The large candle smelled even when not lit.  It covered several rooms when lit and also when it wasn't!!

I used the room spray for the baby's room.  It lasted a very long time and isn't overpowering.

Check out these pages:

I would also like to try the Tranquility scent.  I soon realized that I couldn't just leave the tea light on the table, so I went in search of a tea light holder and the two I grabbed were a little to small lol I did find one that fit though- it was a frog. Another thing that I realized is that my large candle still smells even when not lit!

Although, I was given these samples, all the opinions are mine!

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