Sunday, September 23, 2012

Things Still needed...

So at my shower, a friend of mine said that all of our friends go 3 weeks early.... UMMMM WHAT!!?!?!?!

I am not ready for that at all.

I also have decided that McBaby should be born on the 11th- so his birthday
would be 10-11-12!  How awesome would that be?!?!?!!?

My bags aren't fully packed, I still need clothes to wear home~
 I could only imagine what DH would bring me! I shutter to imagine!!

I still need to finish the nursery- little touches.  I am afraid to open up diapers lol  
what if I need to return them because he is too big???

I need to find a second carseat- long story...
(Found a carseat!!)

We need a monitor yet, DH wants one that connects to our iPhones and iPads.

Car shades for DH's car.

Thermometers- yes plural :} 

I need to find an umbrella stroller- at least this one is not a rush!

I need to get the baby some toiletries- 
I had bought a baby bathtub, but then found another one I liked better, so now we have two lol
I like this one much better :}

We need to buy and install a blackout shade-
our part- is the buying part, the installing part is the Godfather's job lol

See if my gamma made the curtains.

DH and I need to write a letter to McBaby :}

I still have to write my thank you notes to my friends and family for the baby shower gifts.

The small bookshelf needs to be put together.

I am sure there are other items that I or McBaby will need but we will 
have to wait until we actually need them!!!

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manymasons said...

Cool bathtub! I have never seen one like that. With my last baby I was so lazy I just gave him a sponge bath. Not a good idea as when I did stick him in water he did not like it one bit!

I hope your little guy is born on the 11th! I have wanted to have a baby on one of those dates for the past years but always miss out. Last year I missed out by 11 days. Oh well.