Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 25th, 2009

We started Skylar on another puppy class. This class is at the same time, but many more dogs!!! There are two yellow CJ's (Yellow Labs)one named Max, two Labradoodles (I think) two cocker spaniels,One was Berque- from our last class. some kind of collie, a very cranky husky, and a pointer mix named Sally, who's mom is a teacher with Randy, then us! What a change. Skylar was so very relaxed in class. So relaxed that on our walk though the store during class, Skylar poops - not once but TWICE!!! On our walk around the store, we walked past all of the dog beds. This particular bed was $89.00!!!! It was an orthopedic bed for dogs!! I felt it and it had those egg carton foam inside! This was the only time we would let our dog on a bed like that.

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