Saturday, August 23, 2014

August our Month 22 begins

We have been very busy this summer with our Tot School  We also have a Facebook page KinderpondJr where there are action shots!

He still isn't verbal :(  But boy does he understands 1,000 times more than he speaks.

He helps to throw the trash away without being asked.

Every time he throws away something, he sees the recycling cans and says "Ahhhhh" like when you've had a refreshing drink!  Priceless!

Peyton is  34  inches tall
He weighs 27 pounds
Wears 2T/24 months clothes
Size 4 diapers

He must dip it all by himself.

Play date with a playhouse!
It has a working door bell!

Paging Dr. M.

Geeking out for Gigi's 94th birthday.

I measure P here...
guess he wanted to help lol

First trip to Dunkin' Donuts

We got him a roller coaster.

We aren't even sure how this happened :(
I think it was him climbing up the step at my Gigi's house.
He didn't even cry or tell us.

He helped make monkey bread for Zoo week.

He helps to feed CJ.

Kickin' back...

We still don't jump on the tumble track lol

Let's go again!


Love corn on the cob.

I like pickles tonight.

Happy 22 months baby :)

Out to dinner with Gigi, 
like we do almost every Friday.

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