Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May in Review

I know a photo is worth a 1,000 words, but they really only tell you some of the story.

What Peyton Loves Right Now:

Big boy cups. The ones with no handles- rather just a spout or straw.
Walking down the steps without assistance.... ummm I may not be okay with this.  I still offer my hand and he takes it frequently.
Walking to the truck in the garage by himself.

What I love right now:

We are both enjoying Kinderpond Tot School.
His willingness to try anything.

Biggest struggles:

He is squeamish about getting dirty lol or what he interprets as dirty!  Like soap bubbles or Jell-O.  Not having it!

On one hand, I can't wait until P talks, on the other hand, when that happens, there will be no stopping him ;)

He understands a lot more than he can communicate.

Putting away all his 18 month clothes away.  He has so many clothes, so I know he has more cute clothes coming up, but still.

Exciting Milestones & Physical Changes:
He got his first haircut.   Not much, I am not ready for him to lose his curls. 

Height: 32 inches (about?  it is very difficult to get him to stand straight against a wall lol)
Weight: 28
Clothes Size: 24/2T
Diaper Size: 4's

Month Word List
No  (we don't hear this everyday, thank goodness!!)

We will have conversations with P all of the time and it really seems he answers us accordingly.

 Animal sounds

Still just the big scary dog lol

Body Parts He Can Identify:

nose, hair, feet, ears, toes

Things We're Looking Forward To:   

More family time!  School will be out soon and I have a TON on my summer bucket list!  

We puppy sat Ava again. 
Yes we are all laying on the couch!

Kinder Musik class! 
I need to get some scarves!!

Tot school is hard work.

I have offered him pickles in the past, this was the first time he actually ate one!!

Someone is excited!
Sorry babe!

More Tot school work.

Superman shirt including a cape!!!

Happy boy!

Tired boy!

New trick?

Love the momma!

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