Wednesday, January 22, 2014

December 2013 in Review

First Christmas parade with Randy's big brother and my little-little sister and their two daughters.

Getting ready for music class.

A tradition for many is to visit Santa- we had always gone to the same place in our town- Pranges.  Even after name changes, Santaland remained the same, until they decided to close their doors. This will be the last time anyone will go there.
They are donating all the decorations to the historical society though!!

He is unfazed by Santa lol

We puppy sat a Weimaraner :) 

A trip to Costco, Peyton gets snacks from his buddy.

Drinking hot chocolate. 
 Christmas Jammies 

Visiting Tank's cousin, Thor again. 

He got a few presents. 

A giant sea turtle (I couldn't find a frog & this was the closest!)

Showing off his new star jammies.

Just clothes???

The aftermath lol

Steering wheel toy= big hit

Frog towel :)

Randy "bumped" a curb and needed a bunch of work! :(

Another big hit=kitchen

Love the curls

Look closely at my necklace :)

Love all of his expressions!!!!!!!!!!!

He is so in love with CJ.

More love for CJ.

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