Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Garage Sale Finds- but not by me!!!!

A friend of mine, Randi, called me on the phone and I told her that I had gone garage sale'ing the day before- she told me that I would  have too many clothes!   Several hours later, she calls to tell me about a crib for $40.  It was a sleigh bed crib that was white. Amazing!!  It was near the end of her sale, so they bargained down to $20!!  When I got there, Randi also had an armful of clothes... wait didn't she tell me I had too many clothes already?  Well never mind that, they were cute and some still had tags on them :}  The lady also threw in some socks too!

4 onesies
a sleeper
2 jumpers- with the tags
a football button sleeper
and a toy which I am sure will make noise lol

Here is the crib which Randi got for $20:

Okay well it's not a photo of my new crib because I covered it up at my mom's house and forgot to snap a photo.  I did search to make sure that there was no recall on it- no bargain is worth the baby's life.

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