Tuesday, July 17, 2012

All Boys sale

We have an electronic bulletin board in our district.  I heard that the day after school got out that there'd be an all boys sale.  I had to go to them before I made my way into school!  I began in Kohler- Great stuff for boys :}

I got two Dr. Seuss shirts
4 onesies- with frogs on 3 of them lol
a prince sleeper
an adorable Frog pond map with shorts for next summer
an awesome 3 piece Halloween outfit for next year- those little pumpkins are pockets!!!!
an I'm the birthday boy shirt and
a onesie that says, If you think I am handsome, you should see my daddy!
Total: $6.50

The other sale I hit, closer to school I go lol

A frog blanket
a 3 piece outfit with a doggie on it
overalls with two shirts and two pair of socks with the tags still attached!!
a couple of summer jumpers with frogs on them
a bug onesie
and an embroidered 4th of July jumper

plus for $10 a travel swing

$21.25 A little more than I usually spend but I think I got some great deals nonetheless. :}

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